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Date: 01 Apr, 2015
Cloud computing is going to change the entire computing paradigm. In fact it is changing the way people live, interact and communicate. It is changing the way business is done. New business models are being developed. Companies not adopting cloud computing in their business processes may not survive. All professionals will need to learn cloud computing as it will affect their jobs. All industries are currently being affected by cloud computing.We are the leading portal and we help businesses and individuals learn and implement cloud computing.

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Cloud Computing – Public, Private or Hybrid [Infographic]

Source: BBVA In the cloud infrastructure, platforms, software or processes are provided by external IT services. There are some key points to consider when deciding which cloud (private, public or hybrid) is to be used: To what extent applications that want […]

Cloud Computing in 2015: Facts and Predictions [Infographic]

Source: QuoteColo 3 out of 4 decision makers use cloud services for their businesses. 94% of the managers say their business’ security has improved after adopting cloud applications 75% of businesses report that service availability improved since moving to the cloud […]

Cloud Computing – Adoption and Opportunities in the Enterprise [Infographic]

Current state of the Cloud Organizations cloud growth plans to use cloud-based applications and/or computing infrastructure. 18% within 12 months 13% within 1 to 3 years 69% have at least one application in the cloud 56% of organizations are still […]

How Secure Is Your Cloud? [Infographic]

Cloud usage has been meteoric growth since its introduction, with 54% of US firms currently using it. But how safe is it? And how can we best protect users from perceived threats? To find out, Tech Page One has conducted […]

The Power of Cloud Disaster Recovery [Infographic]

Here is a nice infographic on The Power of Cloud Disaster Recovery by CloudVelox Inc. Created by CloudVelox Inc.

The DNA of Salesforce Users [Infographic]

Mintigo’s predictive marketing platform analyzed millions of data points and discovered the CustomerDNA™ of Salesforce.com Here is a nice infographic by Mintigo Created by Mintigo

Computing In The Cloud [Infographic]

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet of store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Here is a nice infographic by Net Technical Solutions […]

Cloud Computing and Business [Infographic]

The Cloud can help businesses benefit from advanced IT services, without having to get a major investment. Computing resources are utilized and the services are scaled to suit demand. this means through the cloud, your info will be available with […]

The Future of Cloud Computing

Here is a nice presentation on The Future of Cloud Computing – 4th Annual Survey 2014 by Michael J Skok

Get Your Head into the Cloud [infographic]

Like a gathering storm, cloud adoption is reaching critical mass 70% of businesses today are using or exploring cloud computing solutions, with 60% listing cloud as their #1 priority. Increasingly, cloud adoption is being thought of as a business decision, […]

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