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Date: 02 Sep, 2014
Cloud computing is going to change the entire computing paradigm. In fact it is changing the way people live, interact and communicate. It is changing the way business is done. New business models are being developed. Companies not adopting cloud computing in their business processes may not survive. All professionals will need to learn cloud computing as it will affect their jobs. All industries are currently being affected by cloud computing.We are the leading portal and we help businesses and individuals learn and implement cloud computing.

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The Future of Online Backup [Infographic]

Source: BACKBLAZE. In 2016, 45% of the world population will be on the Internet. Approximately 3.4 Billion Internet users. The future of Big Data is coming and capitalizing on the cloud revolution & other innovative IT solutions will alleviate the potential […]

The Explosive Growth of Cloud Computing [Infographic]

Source: Eclipse. In 2008, the global cloud computing industry was estimated to be worth $46 billion. By the end of 2014, the industry is predicted to be worth more than $150 billion… Here is a nice infographic

Top 5 Cloud Questions Answered [Infographic]

Source: Maximizer Software. Cloud is a metaphor for the internet and therefore ‘cloud computing’ refers to using the internet to access software, files or data, with the information saved on remote servers. According to IBM reseach (2013) one in five companies […]

The Cloud Storage Battle: Box vs. Dropbox [Infographic]

Source: Computer Science Degree Hub. More data is added via the Internet every second than the Internet had in its entirety 20 years ago. The benefits of Cloud Storage are: Not tied to a desk Data can be shared Reduces duplicity […]

Cloud Computing Today [Infographic]

Source: CeBit. $5,5 billion saved by the US Federal Government per year by shifting to Cloud Services. The priority level of Cloud Computing by government agencies is moderate (38%) but 49% are talking about it. Enjoy the infographic

The cloud as re-inventor of the CIOs [Infographic]

Source: Dell The Cloud is helping business shift from slow, reactive strategies to nimble, scalable solutions. It’s also reinventing leadership roles, giving rise to the cloud-age CIO. Here’s what defines them and how they are redefining IT. Enjoy the infographic

Benefits of SaaS Workforce Management [Infographic]

Source: PaySavvy Canada Inc. “The Cloud” is one of the most important developments in computing today. Cloud software services, like Box or Dropbox, allow you to access and use documents from different computers in any location. What are the Benefits of […]

Amazon MFA Multi Factor Authentication [Video]

Source: Cloud AWS The security of your account is one of the most important things, which is why it is advisable to activate as soon as possible dual authentication. In amazon this feature is called MFA Multi Factor Authentication and in […]

Analyzing the Rate of Migration to Cloud Technologies [Infographic]

Source: Aryaka Driving on the road from strategy to execution… 19% have already moved some of their applications to the Cloud 50% Are on the way – Assessing strategy, reviewing vendors or planning/moving applications to the cloud 31% of the organizations […]

Cloud Computing in 2014: Facts and Predictions [Infographic]

Source: QuoteColo Cloud Computing Facts and Predictions for 2014 67% of the IT professionals use cloud services and applications 40% use public cloud services 22% use private cloud services 38% use hybrid cloud services Enjoy the infographic

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