Top Cloud Computing Influencers

Adrian Cockcroft
He is a cloud Architect at Netflix. At Netflix Adrian managed the team that implemented a highly scalable cloud based personalized web page and algorithm platform, after initial roll out, Adrian took on a broader role as the over-all Cloud Architect for Netflix
Adrian Cole
He is the Cloud Guy at Netflix. His goal is to make the cloud as easy and portable as the mobile phone network.
David Linthicum
Dave is an SVP at Cloud Technology Partners, providing consulting services to Global 2000 companies. David’s latest book is “Cloud Computing and SOA Convergence in Your Enterprise, a Step-by-Step Approach.” He is also the cloud computing blogger for InfoWorld and GigaOM Pro, as well as the creator and host of the highly successful Cloud Computing Podcast, now past 200 episodes.
Sam Charrington
Sam Charrington is an analyst, advisor and consultant interested in cloud computing, big data and related technologies. I’m the founder of CloudPulse Strategies.
Jeremy Geelan
Jeremy Geelan is President & COO of Cloud Expo, Inc. and Conference Chair of the worldwide Cloud Expo series. He appears regularly at conferences and trade shows, speaking to technology audiences both in North America and overseas. He is executive producer and presenter of Cloud Expo’s “Power Panels” on SYS-CON.TV.
Reuven Cohen
Reuven Cohen is Chief Technology Advocate at Citrix. Apart from Citrix Reuven writes The Digital Provocateur column for Forbes Magazine, is the co-founder of CloudCamp (300+ Cities around the Globe), an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas and is the largest of the ‘barcamp’ style of events. Reuven is very active in International trade as a liaison with various governments helping define IT policy, definitions (NIST) and agendas.
Randy Bias
Randy Bias is widely recognized as a cloud computing expert and pioneer. My perspectives are considered to be thought-provoking and unique. I bring value to any discussion of cloud computing at any layer, am in demand as a speaker.
James Urquhart
James is a seasoned field technologist with 20 years of experience in service-oriented architectures, cloud computing, and virtualization. James has been noted as one of the ten most influential people in cloud computing by both the MIT Technology Review and The Next Web. Prior to joining Enstratius, Mr. Urquhart held leadership roles at Cisco Systems, Forte Software, and Sun Microsystems. James is a popular contributing author to GigaOm and graduated from Macalester College with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and Physics.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnston is Director, Cloud & IT Services at Equinix, where he provides cloud computing expertise internally and externally for Europe
Dana Gardner
As founder and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions, I have created BriefingsDirect to give online readers and listeners in-depth and direct access to the brightest thought leaders on IT.
Phil Wainewright
I’m an evangelist, facilitator, analyst, consultant, writer and Internet business expert.
Thomas Bittman
Thomas Bittman is a vice president and distinguished analyst with Gartner Research. Mr. Bittman has led the industry in areas such as cloud computing and virtualization.
Don Dodge
An accomplished product development leader with a proven ability to bring innovative new products to market. A product, strategic and market visionary at five start-up ventures and a track record of driving business and technology in entrepreneurial and high-growth environments.
Tim Barker
I am Chief Product Officer at DataSift, an awesome big-data platform that is focused on doing the heavy-lifting in social – aggregating billions of public conversations from across the social web, enriching data to understand sentiment, location, topics, influence, and delivering it to companies that are building business intelligence, social monitoring and CRM solutions.
Jeff Barr
I have been working in the software industry since 1976 when I started working part-time at a computer store while still in high school. Since then I have worked at a variety of large and small organizations, served as VP of Engineering for a startup, worked at Microsoft and Amazon, and worked on my own.
Werner Vogels
I am responsible at Amazon for driving the company’s technology vision, which is to continuously enhance the innovation on behalf of Amazon’s customers at a global scale.
Krishnan Subramanian
He is Director, OpenShift Strategy at Red Hat. Also an Entrepreneur with a deep philosophical connection to open source, open standards, open communications, etc. An industry analyst covering areas like cloud infrastructure, SaaS and PaaS
William Toll
A Digital Marketing – Product Management professional with over 12 years of experience successfully attracting and matching products and services with business of all sizes.
Mårten Mickos
CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. I am passionate about leadership, distributed teams, global businesses, innovation, infrastructure software, the industry landscape, and technology shifts that have profound impact on society.
Christofer Hoff
Hoff is Vice President of Strategic Planning in the Security Business Unit at Juniper Networks after serving as Chief Security Architect.
Zoli Erdos
Publisher / Editor @ CloudAve and Enterprise Irregulars. Industry Observer, Blogger, Startup Advisor, Program Chair @ SVASE (Silicon Valley Association of Startup Entrepreneurs).
George Reese
I am creative with technology and have a strong sense for identifying disruptive technologies and being part of mainstreaming them into business. I have started a number of businesses and written several books in my areas of technology expertise, including cloud computing and relational database application development.
Simone Brunozzi
“I have a technical background, and focus mostly on Cloud Computing, startups and innovation.
Since 2008 I work for Amazon Web Services as a Technology Evangelist.”
Rod Trent
Community professional, social media, specializing in building, managing, and sustaining online communities.
James Governor
I have been running my own company since founding RedMonk in 2002 with Stephen O’Grady. We try to focus on context not speeds and feeds, understand drivers behind IT decision making and communicate effectively with humour and verve.
Stephen Foskett
Stephen Foskett is an active participant in the world of enterprise information technology, currently focusing on enterprise storage, server virtualization, networking, and cloud computing.
Riitta Raesmaa
Business leader and marketing professional with 20+ years of experience in the digital business environment, especially in software business (ERP, SCM, CRM, Business Intelligence, IT Service Management, and Contract Management).
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson is a senior information technologist specializing in information technology solutions that meet critical Federal government operational requirements. Currently he serves as Vice President & General Manager, Cloud Services with NJVC, one of the largest information technology (IT) solutions providers supporting the United States Department of Defense.
Andi Mann
I am an exceptional technology executive, committed to leading, inspiring, and growing corporate and personal success by leveraging my unique global IT experience and business expertise.
Judith Hurwitz
Judith S. Hurwitz is President and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates, Inc., a strategy consulting and research firm focused on distributed computing technologies.
Paul Miller
Based in the UK and working globally, Paul helps clients understand the implications of taking data and more to the Cloud.
Miriam Tuerk
Miriam has over 20 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and business visionary with a proven track record of creating, selling and delivering innovative products and services that have shaped the technology landscape.
Simon Wardley
A strategist who combines significant levels of hands-on business, operational, technical and management expertise. An accomplished communicator with considerable international speaking experience to expert audiences.
Dustin Amrhein
Dustin Amrhein joined IBM as a member of the development team for WebSphere Application Server.
Alin Irimie
Alin Irimie is a software engineer – architect, designer, and developer with over 10 years experience in various languages and technologies. Currently he is Messaging Security Manager at Sunbelt Software, a security company.
Bill McColl
Bill McColl left Oxford University to found Cloudscale. At Oxford he was Professor of Computer Science, Head of the Parallel Computing Research Center, and Chairman of the Computer Science Faculty.
Lori MacVittie
Lori MacVittie is responsible for education and evangelism of application services available across F5’s entire product suite. Her role includes authorship of technical materials and participation in a number of community-based forums and industry standards organizations, among other efforts.
Louis Nauges
Louis Naugès is Founder & President of Revevol, the first European Consulting organization 100% dedicated to SaaS and Cloud Computing. He has 30 years of IT experience.
Mark O’Neill
Mark O’Neill is Chief Technology Office of Vordel. Vordel connects applications to applications, businesses to other businesses, and SOA to Cloud Computing.
Greg O’Connor
Greg O’Connor is President & CEO of AppZero. Pioneering the Virtual Application Appliance approach to simplifying application-lifecycle management, he is responsible for translating Appzero’s vision into strategic business objectives and financial results.
Bill Roth
Bill Roth is VP of Products and Marketing at Sophia in Silicon Valley. He is formerly the Vice President of the BEA Workshop Business Unit. Prior to this he was Chief Technical Evangelist for Epiphany.
John Savageau
John Savageau is a life long telecom and Internet geek, with a deep interest in the environment and all things green. Whether drilling into the technology of human communications, cloud computing, or describing a blue whale off Catalina Island, Savageau will try to present complex ideas in terms that are easily appreciated and understood.
John Treadway
John Treadway is a Vice President at Cloud Technology Partners and has over 20 years of experience delivering technology and business solutions to domestic and global enterprises across multiple industries and sectors.
Alan Williamson
Alan Williamson is widely recognized as an early expert on Cloud Computing, he is Co-Founder of aw2.0 Ltd, a software company specializing in deploying software solutions within Cloud networks.
René Buest
Rene Buest is Principal Analyst and Senior Advisor at New Age Disruption, covering cloud computing, business technology and collaboration. He is member of the GigaOM Pro Analyst Network and top cloud computing blogger in Germany.
Larry Carvalho
Larry Carvalho runs Robust Cloud LLC, an advisory services company helping various ecosystem players develop a strategy to take advantage of cloud computing.
Peter Coffee
Peter Coffee is Director of Platform Research at, where he serves as a liaison with the developer community to define the opportunity and clarify developers’ technical requirements on the company’s evolving Apex Platform.
Adrian Cole
I’m a habitual tinkerer on a mission for smart IT. I’ve started my career at the age of 16, integrating Intel machines and Novell networks. Several years back, I got involved in Java and started writing mass system automation and deployment software. jclouds is an open source expression of my experience to date.
Tim Crawford
Tim Crawford is an internationally renowned thought leader in the areas of Cloud Computing and IT Optimization Strategies. Tim has over 20-years of Information Technology experience in Operations, Infrastructure, Information Security and Core Applications.
Bernard Golden
Bernard Golden is called a “cloud guru.” He is Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at enStratus Networks, a cloud management software company. At enStratus, he works with enterprises throughout the world to help them achieve greater agility and improved IT economics.
Steve Jin
Accomplished technologist at VCE (Cisco + EMC), VMware, IBM, Rational, etc.; Author of best ranked book on vSphere APIs by Prentice Hall; Deep thinker on Cloud & Software; Creator of de facto Open Source VMware Java API; Top 50 blogger on cloud and IT.
Markus Klems
Markus Klems is an expert for software development and system administration of scalable high-availability and high-performance software systems, particularly in the realm of Big Data.
William Louth
William Louth is the CTO at JINSPIRED BV and the product architect of its innovative application performance management and resource metering solution, JXInsight/OpenCore, as well as JXInsight/Simz and JXInsight/Signals. He is recognized as one of the top engineers in the software performance engineering field.
Stuart Miniman
Researcher and analyst at Wikibon. Job functions include customer surveys, detailed technology research, writing analysis, speaking at conferences, creation of Infographics (see, hosting video on theCUBE and generally sharing information and encouraging industry conversation.
Ray Nugent
Ray Nugent is an experienced executive, inventor, architect and entrepreneur in the Cloud and SDN, Large Scale Systems Management space.
Gregor Petri
Gregor Petri is Research Director at Gartner, covering cloud computing, cloud service brokerage and service provider strategies.
Guy Rosen
Guy is the co-founder and CEO of Onavo. He brings over a decade of technology entrepreneurship and management experience to Onavo Insights that span mobile, Internet, cloud technologies and analytics space.
Scott Sanchez
Scott Sanchez is Director of Strategy at Rackspace and a recognized name in the cloud computing space. A Racker since 2011, Scott leads the Rackspace Global Cloud Network initiative to bring the OpenStack-powered Rackspace Cloud to more users around the world through a linked network of telco and service providers.
Steve Marx
Steve Marx, a programmer and entrepreneur. He is a Developer Advocate at Dropbox and a founder of Webscript and Site44.
Vanessa Alvarez
Vanessa Alvarez is an accomplished, industry analyst, focused on next generation enterprise infrastructure and emerging technologies. She advises Fortune 500 enterprises on how to best leverage their IT environment to enable their competitive advantage, through the deployment of emerging technologies and operational models.
Greg Knieriemen
Greg is the Hitachi Data Systems Technology Evangelist and helps drive and communicate the vision and application of Hitachi Data Systems technology through various channels. Greg has over 15 years experience using, deploying and marketing enterprise technology infrastructure and application solutions. “Speaking in Tech” is his third podcast.
Joe Baguley
Joe Baguley has extensive field knowlege in deploying and managing large-scale infrastructures. He regularly writes and presents on the key challenges facing companies globally in an increasingly complex and integrating world.
Denise Dubie
Denise Dubie is the New Media Principal in the Thought Leadership Group within CA’s Strategic Marketing team. Contributor to Smart Enterprise magazine and Smart Enterprise Exchange Web site. Write, edit, report on wide range of topics including business service innovation, IT innovation, cloud computing, automation and much more.
Ken Oestreich
Professionally, I’m a technology marketer – my real passion is introducing new products & technologies into nascent markets. I’m an EE by training, enlightened a bit with an MBA. I’ve spent lots of time at early stage companies, as well as Sun Microsystems, Cassatt, Egenera, EMC. Today at Citrix I’m helping others understand opportunities and pathways for mobility and cloud infrastructure.
Geva Perry
Geva Perry is an advisor and board member at cloud computing and SaaS companies. His blog, Thinking Out Cloud, on cloud computing and software-as-a-service strategy and marketing is widely read and he is a frequent speaker on the topic.
Justin Pirie
Justin Pirie is a Blogger, Analyst and Mimecast’s Director of Content and Communities. Justin is a leading SaaS and Cloud specialist – he authors the influential “This Week in SaaS”, blog and runs the largest SaaS community in the world, with over 30,000 members.
Greg Ness
Greg Ness is a Silicon Valley marketing veteran with background in networking, security, virtualization and cloud computing. He is VP Marketing at CloudVelocity. Formerly at Vantage Data Centers, Infoblox, Blue Lane Technologies, Juniper Networks, Redline Networks, McAfee, IntruVerofficer at Networks and ShoreTel. He is one of the world’s top cloud bloggers.
Finbarr McCarthy
Finbarr McCarthy is a IT & Internet Strategist, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Cloud Computing.
Khazret Sapenov
Khazret Sapenov is chairman and chief technology officer of Cloudcor, which serves hundreds of enterprise clients and works closely with a set of managed partners and independent software vendors. He is a Cloud Computing expert with practical experience in leading cloud platforms and unique position of providing strategic advisory to business.
Maureen O’Gara
Maureen O’Gara the most read technology reporter for the past 20 years, is the Cloud Computing and Virtualization News Desk editor of SYS-CON Media. She is the publisher of famous “Billygrams” and the editor-in-chief of “Client/Server News” for more than a decade.
John Gauntt
John Gauntt is Founder of Media Dojo. His analysis of the convergence of communications, entertainment and advertising has been published by the Economist Group, the Financial Times and the World Economic Forum. Currently, he is researching cloud computing’s impact on online advertising.
Ray DePena
Ray DePena is Founder and Editor of,, Apple, and Innovation Journals, and currently serves as Principal Advisor to various Small and Medium Businesses, early-mid stage startups, entrepreneurs, and a regional college district on a National Science Foundation Initiative on Computational Thinking.
Fuat Kircaali
Fuat Kircaali is the founder and chairman of SYS-CON Media, Cloud Expo, Inc. and Ulitzer, Inc.
Tim Freeman
Tim Freeman is Principal Architect, Cloud Management at Dell.
Jay Fry
Jay Fry is vice president of marketing for a new, stealthy cloud computing and mobility start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area. Previously, he served as VP of marketing and strategy for the cloud computing business at CA Technologies. He joined CA with the acquisition of private cloud computing pioneer Cassatt Corp.
Ben Kepes
Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser. His business interests include a diverse range of industries from manufacturing to property to technology. As a technology commentator he has a broad presence both in the traditional media and extensively online. Ben covers the convergence of technology, mobile, ubiquity and agility, all enabled by the Cloud.
James Watters
James Watters is currently the Sr. Manager of Cloud Solutions Development at VMware where he is responsible for developing partner run public cloud computing solutions. He is active in the SF Bay Area cloud computing community and organizes the SF Cloud Club while blogging for Silicon Angle.
William Vambenepe
William Vambenepe is an Architect at Oracle Corp. He was formerly an HP Distinguished Technologist in the Office of the CTO of the Management Software Business where he was one of the architects of the technical strategy for HP OpenView.
Michael Sheehan
Michael Sheehan is the Technology Evangelist for Cloud Infrastructure Hosting provider, GoGrid. He is also an avid social media pundit and technology blogger.
Christopher Kusek
During the past 20 years my focus has been on creating innovative business solutions through in-depth understanding and research. My international industry leadership and personal brand has brought together a worldwide community and network of the top experts and professionals in the fields of Cloud, Virtualization and IT Transformation.

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